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Ask about our Treated wood foundation vents, the perfect match for your raised brick foundation. Adequate ventilation without the "cheap" look of small metal vents. Come standard with insect screens, can be ordered with hardware cloth, exterior fiberglass covers, and other options.

Idea? Custom Vent or other wood Item?

Yes, we do custom work, if you can send a drawing, we can make it. Is it cheap- NO Is it quick- NO Is it possible- YES.

Your House is your biggest investment!

Don't lose money because of dry rotted roof framing, rotted floor joists, condensation damage, etc. Ventilation from ridge vents and soffit vents alone is not adequate. Insist on gable louvers and adequate sized foundation vents. Call or email us with your ventilation questions, we have been providing louvers since 1954 and have the experience to help.

Paint or Stain grade?

All woodlouver.com vents are available in paint or stain grade. Paint grade is available unprimed or primed and may include finger jointed components. Stain grade will be solid wood, with no open knots, unprimed, unsealed.

Photo from satisfied buyer

This photo of one of our Keyblock units was sent by customer after installation, we appreciate feedback and follow ups. Please call or email us with your louver questions. ><>



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